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At the dental-statistical meetings we regularly encounter comments that there is a need for (refreshing) courses on methodology and not only on statistical methodology. That is why we are planning to organize a (bi-)annual summer school on methodology in oral health research. The target audience would consist of young oral health researchers or oral health researchers who need a refreshment in methodological issues. The courses in the summer school should be taught by experienced clinical researchers as well as methodological researchers (including epidemiologists and statisticians). A first and tentative proposal for a 5-day summer school could look as follows:

Day 1: Basic principles in research methodology and statistics

Day 2: How to set up an in-vitro study: clinical and methodology aspects

Day 3: How to set up a clinical trial: clinical and methodology aspects

Day 4: How to set up an epidemiological study: clinical and methodology aspects

Day 5: How to write a research paper, the refereeing process, etc…

We reached out last year to obtain financial support for this initiative, but up to now we have failed to get this support. We would like to know from you whether you would be interested to register for such a course. If so, we would be interested to know from you, whether:

• you would get financial support from your institution to participate in this course?

• you could help in locating sponsors for this initiative?

We are only looking for a break-even event

For Further Information Contact

Emmanuel Lessafre

E-mail:via email

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