2004 Leuven, Belgium

2006 Ghent, Belgium

2008 Gargagno, Italy

2010 Istanbul, Turkey

2012 Graz, Austria

2014 Adelaide, Australia

2016 Bergen, Norway


2018 Hong Kong

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History of the International Meeting on Methodological Issues in Oral Health Research

In 2004 Dominique Declerck and Emmanuel Lesaffre (both at KU Leuven) started up the International Dental-Statistical bi-annual meeting, officially called International Conference on Methodological Issues in Oral Health Research. The meeting was first organized in Leuven (Belgium) and was quite successful with about 100 participants (60/40 ratio oral health researchers/statisticians). The main topic of the meeting was Follow-up studies. Selected (peer-reviewed) publications from this meeting were published in a special issue of Statistical Methods in Medical Research (2005). In 2006 the second meeting was organised in Ghent (Belgium) with central topic Data quality and with about the same number of participants. This meeting was the basis for an edited Wiley volume on “Methodological and Statistical Issues in Oral Health Research” published in 2009. A number of contributors of this edited book have also contributed to the first two dental-statistical meetings. The third meeting was organised in Gargagno (Italy) by Adriano Decarli (Milan University) in 2008 hosting again about 100 participants. The central topic of this meeting was Clinical trials and evidence based dentistry. Peer-reviewed papers of this meeting were published in a special issue in Statistics in Medicine (2009). The fourth meeting was held in 2010 in Istanbul and was organized by Betül Kargul and Nural Bekiroglu both from Marmara University. The focus of the meeting was on Intervention studies. Unfortunately, the meeting was plagued by the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. As a result, only about 70 of the participants and invited speakers could attend the meeting but a number of the participants were able to be connected via videoconference. Peer-reviewed submissions of the meeting were then published in a special issue of Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology (2012). The 2012 meeting was organized by Elisabeth Santigli, Andrea Berghold (University of Graz) in Graz (Austria) with again more than 100 participants, this time focussing on Population based studies and surveys. A special issue of the newly released Journal of Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Epidemiology was devoted to peer-reviewed submissions from this meeting. In 2014 the meeting moved to Australia. This meeting was organized by Gloria Mejia Delgado (East Carolina University) in Adelaide with central theme Addressing the complexities in analysing oral health data. Then for the first time a pre- and post-conference workshop was organized. Prior to the meeting Dominique Declerck and Emmanuel Lesaffre presented a 1-day workshop on: How to extract more (and better quality) information from your study? `Simple questions’ is not the same as `simple analyses’. After the meeting Jose Antunes (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) organized the workshop: Multilevel analysis: methodological aspects and application to dental epidemiology. The latest meeting was organized in 2016 in Bergen (Norway) by Anne Nordrehaug Åstrøm and Harald Gjengedal (University of Bergen) and chose as central theme Methodology of handling data from longitudinal studies. Again a pre- and post conference workshop. For the pre-conference workshop Dominique Declerck and Emmanuel Lesaffre repeated their Adelaide workshop. The post-conference workshop Analysis of longitudinal data. Mixed effects model was presented by Roy Nilsen and Stein Atle Lie both from the University of Bergen. In 2018 the meeting will be organized by May CM Wong in Hong-Kong and hosted by the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Hong-Kong. More details about the meeting will follow soon.

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